Aintree Baptist Church

In Christ alone, my hope is found


Poem: written by Alan Pevely

Bank Holidays


Bank holiday! Our thoughts oft turn

To life’s most simple pleasures,

Of days out with the family,

Of sport, of walks, of leisure.

The weather’s warm the sky is blue,

So many things for us to do.

We’re blessed – this green and pleasant land,

From mountain top to wave-lapped strand,

Has much to offer, much to see

For humble folk like you and me.


We make a picnic, fill the car,

Set out for places near and far.

The beaches fill, the children dash

To water’s edge to splash

Each other with the freezing foam.

A few brief hours away from home

Give parents too a welcome break,

A chance to charge the batteries, to take

Some time with kids to laugh and play,

To buy ice-cream, enjoy the day.


This year, alas, such trips are banned.

For now this green and pleasant land,

Bereft of tourists, quiet and still,

From promenade to moor to hill,

Must needs rest, free from visiting hordes

To Snowdon’s peak, to Norfolk Broads.


At Conwy, where the seagulls mew,

They, only, can enjoy the view

From tower’s top. They lick their lips

At thoughts of stealing people’s chips!

But folk are gone! There’s noone here!

This really is a dreadful year

For those whose livelihood depends

On tourists and the pounds they spend.


The Lakes’ boats, Siren-like, call,” Hire us!”

But, now, an unseen, deadly virus

Means we must stay at home, no more

To venture out beyond our door.

From Yorkshire dale to Devon beach

All, sadly, now is out of reach.


The stately homes are silent too.

The grand halls, dining rooms, the view

Of rolling countryside are seen

No more by those of us so keen

To drink deep of this nation’s story,

Its grandeur, heritage, its glory.


But we are sure a time will come

When Covid’s beaten, war is won.

When lockdown’s o’er for you, for me.

We’ll step out boldly, we’ll be free

To talk to neighbours face to face,

Our children and grandkids embrace,

Go to the pub, the park, the zoo,

Just do the things we used to do.


We took for granted much before

Maybe we’ll appreciate them more.

Those simple things that life has brought us,

Hugs with family, sons and daughters.


We must protect our NHS.

We all must play our part. Say”Yes!

I’ll do my bit to stem the tide

Of those who’ve sickened, those who’ve died.

I’ll stay within the garden gates,

Not risk the health of all to Fates

Whose fickle fingers spin the thread

Of life for living  - and the dead!


I’ll find new ways to entertain

The kids. I promise to refrain

From going out to meet with friends”.

For now, alas, that’s at an end.


So, if you’re tempted now to roam

Beyond the confines of your home.

Just spare a thought for those who work

To save lives, never ones to shirk

Their duties. So, we’ll help them out.

But ONLY if we don’t go out.

So next time that the boredom chafes,

Obey the rule – Stay home, stay safe






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